Denzler Andy

Andy Denzler
Born in 1965, Andy Denzler is a Swiss artist who lives and works in Zurich. In his art, Denzler integrates knowledge acquired from a background in new media and computer graphics with a color palette inspired by dusty old photographs. Denzler expresses realism and immobility through photographs that he has taken himself. He uses landscapes and portraits of people he knows to mirror simple sequences of everyday life. Through this procedure, he shows a wish to control, using these photos as a guide to his paintings and their storytelling. He adds a dramatic character to his works with the use of the impasto technique, and then softens the effect in certain places of the canvas by delicately manipulating the image from a flowing figurative form into a more abstract vocabulary. His creations are full of motion, passion, violence, and beautiful visual balance. He follows a similar path and concept to create his bronze sculptures. His works have been exhibited in galleries and museums in Europe, the United States, and Asia, and form parts of private and public collections such as those of the Denver Art Museum, the Museum Würth, the Moscow Museum of Art, the Kunsthalle Rostock, and the White Cube Collection.

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