Ziskie Dan

Dan Ziskie
Dan Ziskie grew up in Detroit, then eventually moved to Chicago to work as a journalist and later as a photo assistant for a commercial photographer. He began to work as an actor in improvisational theater in Chicago, and later moved to New York. He started shooting on black-and-white film in a 35-mm camera. Once in New York, inspired by the stories of Gary Winogrand, he hit the streets every day, winter, and summer, for several years, to take what pictures he could. He continues to work most often with a digital 35-mm camera. He is working on several other projects: the one closest to completion is about the East Broadway area in Manhattan’s Chinatown. He has exhibited in shows at the Pacific Center Northwest in Seattle, the Blue Sky Gallery in Portland, Oregon, the Barrett Art Gallery in upstate New York, Umbrella Arts Gallery in New York City, and others. His East Broadway project has been featured in The New York Times.

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