De Mortemart Alexandre

Alexandre de Mortemart
Alexandre de Mortemart (b. 1961) started his photography as a photojournalist in France. Travelling around the world from Japan to India across the United States, and Europe, photography has been his mean of expression since the age of 14. His first professional assignment came in the early 80s for weekly magazines in Japan where he resided for five years. Upon returning to Paris he started collaborations with French newspapers Le Figaro, Liberation, Le Monde, magazines Elle, Vogue, l’Egoiste among others till the mid 90s when he ventured into cinema and started directing short and documentary movies. Alexandre de Mortemart work has been reviewed and featured by international critique and exhibited in France, Japan, United States, including the Aperture Gallery (New York) and the Galerie Agathe Gaillard (Paris), amongst others. He was recently awarded the Lensculture Black and White prize and now lives between London, Calcutta and Paris.

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