Benassi Jacopo

Jacopo Benassi
Jacopo Benassi is one of the most prolific and talented Italian photograher. His work has the camera at its centre but he touches on languages such as performance, video, curating, and sound. He has collaborated for many years with the director Paolo Sorrentino: recently they produced a book together published by Mondadori. Benassi has worked with some of the most legendary international musicians of the international punk and post-punk scene. During his career he has worked, among the others, for Rolling Stone, Purple Magazine, GQ, Vice, Wired, ICON Panorama, Riders, just to name a few. In his most recent show, Is It MY Body?, at the Galleria Francesca Minini in Milano, his work was exhibited alongside artworks by Roger Ballen, Vanessa Beecroft and Dan Graham.

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