Klosty James

James Klosty
For people who know James Klosty’s photography this book will come as something of a surprise. Klosty is principally known for his long association with the American artists Merce Cunningham and John Cage. In 1975 Klosty published Merce Cunningham, the first book to be published about Cunningham, the dancer and choreographer. Forty years later, in the fall of 2014, Klosty published John Cage Was, 170 of his Cage photographs accompanied by texts-all 100 words or less-commissioned more than sixty people around the world whose lives had been altered by Cage’s deep, iconoclastic and world-wide influence. In 1975 Leo Castelli gave Klosty a one man exhibition. In the fall of the same year, The International Center of Photography mounted a second exhibition. Subsequently Klosty turned his darkroom into a wine cellar and stopped photographing. Thus this book of photographs from the Greecian summer of 1966 is rather unexpected.

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