Pagliuso Jean

Jean Pagliuso
Jean Pagliuso was born in California in 1941. She moved to New York in 1974 and in her forty-year career was published in Mademoiselle, NY Magazine, Italian Harper Bazaar, Vogue, Time, Rolling Stone, New York Times Magazine, Italian Vogue, Interview Magazine... In addition to her work in fashion, she photographed many movie posters, notably White Palace, American Gigolo, Dillinger, Thieves like Us, Three Women, and Splash. In 1995, Pagliuso’s attention turned to places of ritual and endangered environments. Pagliuso’s recent series are series of strictly formalised portraits of birds. The Poultry Suite is one of her most well-known works. She decided to take these chicken portraits in honor and memory of her father after his passing. He had raised chickens when she was a little girl.

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