Izu Kenro

Kenro Izu

Kenro Izu was born in Osaka, Japan in 1949. In 1971 Izu visited New York and opened the Kenro Izu Studio in New York City in 1974. He started his life-long project of Sacred Places since 1979 and still continue. Since a photographic journey to Cambodia in 1993, his interests in South East Asia and Himalayan countries have stimulated him to photograph sacred places of the region. Izu started a project of photographing Bhutan's sacred places in 2003. During the five years of photography in Bhutan, he sought to photograph the nation's people, and he has begun pointing his camera at people as well as the sacred places since then. From 2013 to 2016, he produced a documentary project, 'Eternal Light', showing the people who live at the fringe of Indian society. Since 2015, he has worked on 'Requiem', portraying the city and people that vanished nearly 2000 years ago in Pompei.

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