Koretzky Lionel

Lionel Koretzky
Lionel Koretzky was born in France and grew up drawing, sculpting, and taking photographs of things he built. Fascinated by cars and speed from a very young age, he started racing go-karts and cars before moving back to his creative world in 1996. A week before entering art school, he met still-life photographer JJ Liegeois, and later became his first assistant. He moved to New York as Nathaniel Goldberg’s first assistant in 2002, working lights on a bigger scale, incorporating locations and daylight in his own work. In late 2014, Lionel became Associate Editor of the third issue of Lollipop, a lifestyle magazine covering the Formula 1 World Championship. Since Spring 2016, he has been Car Editor for Solar magazine. Lionel is a regular contributor to Man of the World, Intersection, Air France Magazine, Out Of Order, and Bad to the Bone. His work has been featured in major publications such as Numero, GQ, M Le Monde, Vogue, V, and V-Man, among others. Lionel Koretzky now divides his time between Paris and NYC.

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