Toledano Mayan

Mayan Toledano

From reportage to fashion to portraiture, the work of photographer Mayan Toledano is characterized by strong senses of humanity, empathy, femininity and rebellion. Whether created in New York City or Mexico City, Toledano’s photography often concerns the interior lives of young people— existences that greatly revolve around the bedroom. “Your bedroom is the first place that is your own and private, and it’s your first place to be creative,” Toledano has written. “There’s something really vulnerable about letting people into your space and we created these personal images of people being and becoming an authentic version of themselves, all done in collaboration.” Toledano’s work has been featured in 'i-D', 'Vogue', 'W Magazine', 'Teen Vogue', 'Them' and 'The New York Times', among other publications.

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