Verger Pierre Fatumbi

Pierre Fatumbi Verger
Pierre Verger (Paris, France 1902 – Salvador, Brazil 1996) photographs appeared in Paris-Soir, Daily Mirror, LIFE, among others and two of his photographs were shown at the historical exhibit Photography 1839-1937, organized by MoMa in New York. Verger photographed some of the most renowned figures of his time, such as Diego Rivera, Leon Trotsky and Ernest Hemingway, but his research was primarily focused on the cultural and religious traditions of indigenous populations and African descendants around the world. He worked as an ethnographer, studying the economic, cultural, and religious exchanges between Africa and the Americas, due primarily to the slave trade. After his death Verger’s photographs have been exhibited widely in Brasil and in prestigious European museums such as the Museum of Ethnology in Berlin and the Jeu de Paume in Paris.

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